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How tall is Michelle Obama? The nation’s first African American first lady stands five feet, 11 inches tall. That height ties Michelle Obama with Eleanor Roosevelt as the tallest first lady in U.S. history. Perhaps not surprisingly, the vertically blessed Chicago native chose a tall man to marry. Her husband, President Barack Obama, stands six feet, one inch tall, and that puts him in a three-way tie with Andrew Jackson and Ronald Reagan for fifth place on the list of tallest U.S. presidents.

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If Michelle Obama were to somehow play basketball against some of history’s other famous first ladies, the Princeton- and Harvard-educated litigator would regulate all over the place. Dolly Madison stood a mere five feet, four inches tall, while Jackie Kennedy—considered tall for first ladies—topped off at five feet, seven inches. Hillary Clinton may seem like a giant—she is, after all, secretary of state—but she’s only five feet, five inches tall. If she were to come waltzing into the paint, Michelle would swat her shots with ease.

Michelle Obama’s height is likely one reason she often avoids heels. As the Huffington Post reported in 2009, both she and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, then the first lady of France, have a fondness for flats. Bruni-Sarkozy, a former model, stands five feet, nine inches—two inches shorter than Michelle. Small (French) fry!

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