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Father’s Day is a time to honor the man in your life who helps bring home the bacon, spends quality time with you, has an understanding heart, loves you unconditionally, and is your blueprint for all that is honest, hardworking, and forthright. He is the man in your life who helps you to aspire to a higher standard.  Here, NewsOne presents these TV Dads as the epitome of true fatherhood.

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1) “Dr. Heathcliffe Huxtable” was played by comedian, author, and activist Bill Cosby on the long-running late-eighties-to-early-nineties sitcom “The Cosby Show.”   As one of the most popular TV shows ever, “Dr. Huxtable” not only provided humor but also represented a man who was noble, wise, a good provider, and who doted on his children without spoiling them.  Dr. Huxtable was also the epitome of cool and suave, which is always a welcomed trait in a Father.

Watch Dr. Huxtable here:

2)James Evans Sr.” was played by John Amos on the seventies hit sitcom “Good Times.”  James didn’t have a Ph.D. or even a high school diploma, but he really loved his family.  He was a blue-collar hard-working man who had morals and did his best to keep his kids from falling prey to all of the destructive lures of the Chicago ghettos at the time.  James ruled with an iron fist but had a heart of gold that only his wife and kids could melt.

Watch “James Evans Sr.” in “The Gang” episode:

3)Carl Winslow” was played by Reginald VelJohnson on the nineties hit sitcom “Family Matters.” Carl was a Chicago police officer, who eventually moved up the ranks to make captain. He had a work ethic bar-none, yet always made time for his children. Although his pesky neighbor “Steve Urkel” (played by Jaleel White) annoyed him to no end, Carl somehow managed to help him get out of whatever mess he’d gotten himself into.  Carl was a Dad who had enough love to go around — even to those who bugged the heck out of him.

Watch “Carl” with “Urkel” here:

4)Fred G. Sanford” was played by Red Foxx on the hilarious seventies sitcom “Sanford and Son.”  Fred — and that’s  S-a-n-f-o-r-d, period — loved his son, “Lamont,” who was played by Demond Wilson, immensely.  There was NOTHING “Fred” would not do for “Lamont.”  And even though “Lamont,” who was in his 30s, was STILL living at home with “Fred,” Dad took his role very seriously.  He doted over “Lamont” like a newborn Mother cares for her infant and truly gave new meaning to the word Father.

Watch “Fred” and “Lamont” in court here:

5)Michael Richard Kyle Sr.” was played by Damon Wayans on the 2001 to 2005 sitcom “My Wife and Kids.”  “Richard” was a man who knew how to divvy up his time: He gave to his job, wife, and three children, and there was never any lacking.  He was a loving husband, an involved Dad, and a steadfast worker who built his own successful business from the ground up.  He had a unique parenting style, infusing humor in every life lesson he taught his kids.  Even though “Michael” was a teen dad, he proved that even life’s obstacles can be used as rungs to get you up the ladder of success.

Watch “Richard” with his wife here:

6)Raymond Earl  ‘Ray’ Campbell” was played by Tim Reid in the nineties sitcom “Sister, Sister.”  “Ray” was educated and had a great work ethic.  He also made the decision to continue to raise his adopted daughter as a single parent.  Ray tried really hard to give his little girl, “Tamera” (played by Tamera Mowry), all that she needed.  He ran his own successful business but always made sure that Tamera was taken care of emotionally. While “Ray” knew that he is not a perfect parent, he gave it the old college try every time there is a lesson to be learned.  Ray is the perfect example of how love for your child can be all-encompassing.

Watch “Raymond” on the “Grandpa Campbell” episode here:

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