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Sixteen year major league baseball veteran Vladimir “Vlad” Guerrero must be trying hard to create a winning All-Star team of his own. The ex-Los Angeles Angels right fielder and designated hitter was forced to divulge his finances in a new paternity suit filed by his latest in a row of baby mommas, Heidy Ogando.

As it turns out, he has indeed fathered eight children with five different women and is forced to dole out a whopping $25, 621 per month in support for his tribe, reports TMZ.

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Vlad, who just signed a minor league deal last month to play with the Toronto Blue Jays, was a nine-time All Star. He is considered to be one of the top players around because of his hitting power, stellar defense, incredible throwing arm, and awe-inspiring ability to hit balls out of the strike zone.  Vlad, claims that he shells out about $70,000 in monthly expenses and even though he is sans a major league contract, he reportedly doesn’t feel the pinch of his baby momma’s drama.

Apparently, Vlad is an entrepreneurial genius in his native land of the Dominican Republic and owns a myriad of businesses from a concrete-block factory, retail clothing stores and a supermarket, to a live stock and vegetable farm.  So the multi-venture capitalist is not hurting financially with his businesses securing a nest egg of over $25 million for him.

Here is the financial breakdown per child as per TMZ:

Baby Mama #1 (1 kid): $5,237

Baby Mama #2 (1 kid): $3,214

Baby Mama #3 (2 kids):$1,655

Baby Mama #4 (2 kids): $3,465

Heidy as listed in the suit (2 kids): $12,050

So let the baby mommas bring their drama to Vlad because his pockets can handle them and then some!