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Dr. Timothy V. Jorden (pictured left), the trauma surgeon who allegedly fatally shot his girlfriend, nursing student Jackie Wisniewski  (pictured right), at a Buffalo, N.Y., hospital on Wednesday morning, remains at large despite a massive police effort to seek him out, reports ABC News.

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Jorden is suspected of luring 33-year-old Wisniewski, a single Mother who was anticipating the kindergarten graduation of her 5-year-old son on Thursday, in to a stairwell of the medical building where she worked next to the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) and shooting her multiple times at point-blank range around her head and torso.

Within moments of the shooting, ECMC security and police were summoned and the entire 65-acre medical facility, which has always been regarded as safe, was placed on lock down.  Police and the hospital’s security teams conducted a campus sweep, searching vehicles and buildings, as helicopters hovered overhead.

Watch video of the murder here:

After speaking with a few employees of the hospital, police determined that Jorden could be a suspect in the slaying.  Authorities recovered spent shell casings and a bullet from a revolver from his office, indicating that the prominent surgeon had returned there after the shooting — possibly to reload — according to a police source. They also found a shotgun that wasn’t used in the shooting.

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Jorden, who is a specially trained Army Special Forces weapons expert, did not have a pistol permit.  Authorities believe that a high-powered handgun was used in the shooting.

Police have circulated pictures of Jorden and his four vehicles.  They also surrounded his half-a-million home for nine hours in Lake View, N.Y.  Law enforcement cut off all power to Jorden’s home and even sent in a robot to try and seek him out, but he was not in his dwelling.

In interviewing ECMC employees, investigators discovered that Jorden had been allegedly acting odd as of late, avoiding eye contact and barely speaking.  He even dropped a dramatic 75 pounds from his frame. Authorities suspect that he might have been living out of his office instead of his home, because they found takeout containers of food and dirty laundry in some ceiling tiles in Jorden’s office.

Neighbors say Jorden stopped greeting them, and they also noticed that his avid do-it-yourself home repairs stopped.

People who knew Wisniewski says that she met Jorden on a psychiatric floor at ECMC in 2010 and was immediately smitten with him.  After the couple got together, friends of Wisniewski state that the relationship became rocky.

Jorden and Wisniewski moved in together and stayed the course for a year, but Wisniewski reportedly wound up moving out because she thought Jorden was a serial cheater.

Other folks who knew Wisniewski state that Jorden had abused her physically.  The young woman was seen sporting a Black eye once and had allegedly admitted to a friend that Jorden had done it.

Cheektowaga police also have records of two 2003 domestic abuse incidences involving Jorden and two other women.

The case is still evolving.


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