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Yvette Wilson lost her battle with cervical cancer on Thursday. She was 48. The former “Moesha” star was a true gem in the entertainment world and her humor will be missed by all. Here are a few details about Wilson’s life that may not have known.

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1) Wilson attended San Jose State University, where she majored in Communications. [Source: Wikipedia]

2) Wilson was a regular on Russell Simmon‘s “Def Comedy Jam.” As you will see below, Wilson was a different person on the comedy stage than she was on the set of “Moesha.” You can also look at a clip of her here.

3) Wilson got her big break in the entertainment industry in 1993 through a role in the short-lived sitcom “Thea.” Take a look at her in action below. [Source: Wikipedia]

Yvette Wilson In “Thea”

4) Before Wilson passed, a website dedicated to helping her regain her health raised $13, 599 toward the $25,000 she needed to cover her medical expenses not covered by insurance. Fund-raising ended on June 9. [Source: Give Forward: Support Yvette Wilson]

5) Wilson entered comedy after losing a bet and had to go before a crowd as a stand-up comic at a friend’s club. She decided to stick with it. [Source: Wikipedia]

What memories do you have of actress Yvette Wilson?

R.I.P, Yvette.