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Timothy V. Jorden, the Buffalo surgeon suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend, Jackie Wisniewski, was found dead near his home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Friday, ABC News reports.

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While on the run, the former Army man was considered armed and dangerous.

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Jorden was reportedly found wearing scrubs when police found his body in beside s creek near his Lakeview, N.Y. home. Police identified the trauma surgeon by his tattoos. They would not disclose where he shot himself.  Jorden was wanted in connection with the murder of his one-time girlfriend Wisniewski, 33, who was shot dead Wednesday morning on the floor of the Erie County Medical Center.

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Here is some background on this case:

The fatal drama at the hospital began around 8 a.m., when Jorden allegedly shot and killed Wisniewski, a woman identified as his former lover, according to sources familiar with the investigation. She was found dead in a covered passageway joining the hospital’s Kidney Center and another wing of the medical center, The Miller Building, WKBW reported.

Buffalo police, backed up by a New York State Police SWAT team, converged on the hospital and locked down the facility, treating the situation as an active shooter scenario. The lockdown was lifted at noon, but no news emerged as to the circumstances of Jorden, who was officially described as a person of interest.

Jorden had experienced emotional difficulties recently, according to officials, who did not elaborate.

A career soldier, Jorden graduated from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine in 1996.

“I’ve wanted to be a doctor since early in my military career as a medic,” Jorden told the newspaper in a 1996 profile.

Jordan was a decorated soldier whose military career lasted 18 years. Some of his medals and commendations include the following: Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and Master Parachute Badge Scuba Diver Badge Special Forces Tab.

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Jorden’s ex-wife, Francisca Wellsbury, says she is shocked to hear that her ex-husband was being sought in a murder.

“We’ve lived separate lives for a long time,” Wellsbury, who lives on the West Coast, told ABC News. “I’m just as shocked as anyone. It’s traumatic.”

She declined to go into further detail, but said: “This is not the person I knew. I wish he would seek help.”