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Oghad Singh of Rajasthan, India allegedly beheaded his daughter, Manju Kunwar, over her “indecent behavior,” CNN reports.

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Singh reportedly paraded his daughter’s decapitated head around his village en route to the local police station, shocking officers on site. Kunwar was in her 20s and living with her parents after divorcing her husband a few years ago. Singh accused his daughter of behaving indecently with other men.

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CNN has more on this tragic story:

Authorities say Kunwar’s mother is a farmer who was working in the fields at the time and was too distraught to talk. Singh works in a marble quarry.

The beheading happened on Tuesday in Dengar Ka Guda, a village in Rajsamand District about 400 kilometers, or 250 miles, from Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan.

Kunwar’s head and the rest of her body were cremated according to Hindu tradition, police said.

India is filled with extremes on many levels, including how women are treated. In India women hold some of the highest positions in society, from company CEOs to the president and speaker of the House, but this case highlights another side of India, one in which women still suffer the consequences of long-held traditions that govern their behavior in Indian society.

The Thomas Reuters Foundation recently reported that India is the worst place on earth to be a woman based on employment, sexual discrimination among other quality of life factors.


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