The Indian media reportedly raked President Barack Obama (pictured) over the coals for removing a piece of chewing gum from his mouth to address India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi (pictured), then popping it back in as the men sat next to each other during the country’s annual Republic Day parade, according to The Daily Caller. SEE ALSO: Prez Obama […]


Nina Davuluri’s  (pictured) victory as the first Miss America of Indian heritage isn’t sitting well with some on Twitter, according to the NY Daily News. SEE ALSO: All-White Sororities At Ala. Univ. Draw Attention Shortly after the Syracuse-born, Oklahoma-raised Davuluri won the Miss America title Sunday evening, people began questioning her American status, with one […]


A mother and her daughter bled to death on a road in Jaipur, India after being hit by a truck and left to die, the Hindustan Times reports. Scroll down for video  SEE ALSO: Detroit Woman, 64, Mauled By Pair Of Pitbulls, In Critical Condition A truck hit the family of four as they rode […]


Oghad Singh of Rajasthan, India allegedly beheaded his daughter, Manju Kunwar, over her “indecent behavior,” CNN reports. SEE ALSO: Woman Squeezes Ex-Boyfriend’s Testicle Out Of Scrotum  Singh reportedly paraded his daughter’s decapitated head around his village en route to the local police station, shocking officers on site. Kunwar was in her 20s and living with […]

NAGPUR, India — A high school student in central India was recognized as the world’s shortest woman by Guinness World Records on Friday as she turned 18 and said she hopes to earn a degree and make it in Bollywood. SEE ALSO: Top #worstbookever Tweets That Hate On Classic Books

From African-Indian bonhomie was all the rage in India’s media last week, amid celebratory coverage of homegrown telecom company Airtel’s $10.7 billion acquisition of Kuwaiti company Zain’s African operations and TV images of Indian visitors blowing vuvuzelas at soccer’s World Cup in South Africa.

MANGALORE, India — Eight people escaped the crash of an Indian jetliner with 166 people on board that overshot a hilltop runway in southern India and plunged over a cliff, officials said. At least some of the survivors managed to jump from the wreckage just before it burst into flames.