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Actress Halle Berry (pictured left) who has been battling the Father of her daughter , Gabriel Aubry (pictured below), for what seems like eons has now been ordered to pay him $20,000 a month in child support payments, according to TMZ.

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The dueling duo met in November of 2005, when Aubry, a French-Canadian model, was working on a photo shoot. The pair, who appeared to be a match made in heaven, produced a daughter, Nahla (pictured), in March 2008, then two years later, they went their separate ways.

Since the break-up, the couple has battled each other in court, first asking for the court to formally recognize Aubry’s paternity, then asking the court to give them joint legal and physical custody over their daughter.

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Tensions between the two have mounted over the last year amid allegations that Aubry put Nahla in harm’s way.  He was investigated for child endangerment over an incident that involved the child’s nanny.  According to a police report, Aubry was accused of pushing Nahla’s nanny in to a wall while she held the child in her arms.

The nanny claimed that the shove resulted in her being injured and psychologically traumatized.  The matter was investigated and the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Throughout the Aubry vs. Berry bouts, there have been accusations of verbal abuse, with Berry stating that Aubry has referred to her as the “N-word.” Berry also claimed that Aubry did not want his daughter to be referred to as “Black,” and says she feared for Nahla’s safety who appears to be “traumatized” after visits with her father.

According to sources, the court battle of the actress and model over their 4-year-old is far from over.  Now Berry wants to take Nahla with her to live in Paris and Aubry won’t budge on granting her the request.

And so Berry’s and Aubry’s legal issues surrounding their little girl continues at full speed!

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