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An 82-year-old woman was beaten in the chest after being rear-ended by an unknown motorist on Tuesday, WXYZ-TV reports. The woman, who asked the Detroit television station that her name not be used, was turning onto Pinehurst from W. McNichols Rd. on the city’s west side. It was then that an unidentified man hit her from behind.

When the woman got out to inspect the damages, the man began to beat her with his fists.

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“He just came over and grabbed me… literally lifted me off the ground. He’s a big man” she says. She also says she yelled at the man, “Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Why are you doing this?”

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The woman experienced chest pains as a result of the assault and was treated at a local hospital. Neighbors who saw the attack came to the woman’s aid and scared the thug off. He drove away in an older red Pontiac Grand Am. Witnesses wrote down the license plate number, but it did not match the car.

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Sandra Duncan, the woman who yelled at the man to stop beating on the elderly woman, says she and other witnesses hope that the man told someone of the accident and that person will be honest enough to call police.

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“This is an 82-year-old and she didn’t deserve to be beat down out of her shoe like that. He hit her so hard that her shoe came off her foot,” said Duncan.

Please call Detroit Police at (313) 596-5640 if you have any information on this horrible attack.