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Oscar Fuller gets just one year in the slammer for punching Lana Rosas over a parking spot in Feb. 2011, the New York Post reports. Fuller’s punch forced Rosas to the ground, smashing her head in the process. Rosas was in a coma for eight days and bed-bound for three weeks.

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The petite 4’11” Bronx native still requires therapy.

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When Fuller’s sentence was handed down at Manhattan Supreme Court by Justice Bonnie Wittner today, Rosas whispered,”Yes,” to her mother Angie Harrison. The judge said one year was not nearly enough for the pain he caused Rosas.

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“Anyone hearing this outside the courtroom, just on common sense, would say one year was not adequate,” the judge complained, noting that the state legislature allows her to sentence someone to anywhere from one to nine years prison for selling a single vial of crack, “and the harm is not as great as what is before us here.”

Before the judge handed down her sentence, Rosas’ mother addressed Fuller with an impassioned speech.

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“I know you would like everyone to believe that the sidewalk did it,” the mom addressed Fuller, bitterly. “But no. It was you.”

She added, staring him down, “You sat here every day in court with a smug smile on your face.”

Rosas was standing in an empty parking space in Feb. of 2011 waiting for a friend when Fuller arrived. Here is how the incident went down, according to the New York Daily News.

The spat over the parking spot near Stuyvesant Town popped off about 11:40 p.m. Police said Oscar Fuller flew into a rage because Rosas wouldn’t let him park in a spot she was holding for her boyfriend. There was an argument, police said, and Fuller punched the 4-foot-11 Rosas in the face.

Manhattan prosecutors said in court papers that Fuller hit Rosas “with so much force that the woman flew off of her feet, was knocked unconscious and hit her head on the ground.

Fuller was acquitted in May of felony assault, a charge that could have put Fuller in prison for up to seven years. The jury determined that he didn’t intend to cause physical bodily harm.

Defense lawyer Tom Kenniff unsuccessfully tried to get probation for Fuller, saying he never intended to hurt Rosas and that she threw the first punch. Fuller made one last plea to the judge for his freedom by saying his altercation with Rosas went terribly wrong.

“I”m telling her right now, outta my heart. I’m truly sorry about the incident,” he said. “Me and Lana Rosas was in an altercation that went the wrong way,” he added.

It seems like a terrible outcome for both sides. All of this pain for a parking space. Fuller insists that he is being made out to be thug and that bad decisions were made by both sides. Listen to him give his side of the story below.

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