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Three years ago today, the world lost one of its biggest talents with Michael Jackson’s untimely death. On Monday, an unreleased video of Dr. Conrad Murray (pictured) was leaked, with the embattled physician making some questionable claims and requests.

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Videotaping his message just two months after the King of Pop’s death, Murray attempted to sway the public’s negative opinion of him by explaining his close relationship with the star:

“For you to have known Michael as closely as i did, you, too, would have problems adequately describing the relationship. Michael had lots of acquaintances, but he and I knew our relationship was purely one of a true friendship.”

Unfortunately, Murray’s message promptly goes left when he tries to maintain that he did NOT know about Jackson’s addictions, a lie that was purged during his manslaughter trial:

“Over the years of knowing Michael, I became not only a friend and physician but a sounding board for his personal problems and emotional pains. Despite our relationship and conversations, I am now made aware through recent media reporting that he failed to share with me any problems involving his alleged addictions with medications.”

This statement — along with several others — would be undone in the courtroom.

Murray then attempts to change the tone of his narrative by asking the public to not throw stones when we all have glass houses:

“We must also be conscious that no man nor woman with the exception of the innocent child is absolutely free of hidden skeletons. Therefore, the next time you look in the mirror, before passing judgement or condemning someone, take a good look at yourself, and if you aren’t 100 percent sure that, when scrutinized, no fault can be found, then you would have earned that right to criticize.”

Watch Murray’s dubious plea here:

According to published reports, Murray’s legal team made the wise decision to not release the video, because they figured (accurately) that it would further compromise public opinion of him. Either way, Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for Jackson’s death and was sentenced to four years in prison for administering the powerful sedative propofol


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