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Dwyane Wade, Sr. (pictured), the dad of six-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion son, Dwyane Wade, Jr., is allegedly in default of a U.S. government higher education loan to the tune of $4,630.46. In other words, daddy never paid the monies back to the feds and now they’re coming after him, reports TMZ.

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D-Wade, Sr. reportedly took out the loan in 2001 to attend the Environmental Technical Institute, a heating, air conditioning and refrigeration school in Illinois. During the same year, little Wade became a freshman at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

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The feds reportedly not only want the original amount of the loan but are also seeking interest which now brings the borrowed amount to a grand total of $6,221.44.

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D-Wade, Sr., who divorced his son’s mom, took custody of the future hoop star and raised him with his second wife, started the Pro Pops Foundation which he founded to help men become better fathers.

Perhaps daddy D-Wade, Sr. should consider hitting his son up for a loan! D-Wade, Jr. probably spends the paltry loan amount on basketball shoes in a month’s time!