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Oh, woe is Jennifer Williams (pictured)!  A few days ago, NewsOne reported that the former reality show star of  VH1’s “Basketball Wives'” precious 2006 Bentley was on the verge of being repossessed. According to TMZ, Williams’ Bentley is long gone.

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The diva with the ‘tude is being sued by the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC) for a whopping $92,310 because they claim that she stopped making payments on her white luxe ride (pictured below) back in 2009.

Jennifer Williams bentleyThe company claims that they tried to contact Williams several times to try to make payment arrangements, but she kept avoiding them.

Unfortunately, the vehicle has a no-return order that translates into, “Ms. Thing, you ain’t getting that car back!”

TMCC has already scheduled the car for auction.

Now that they’ve rolled up their sleeves and confiscated the car, TMCC still wants their money.

Williams’ reps claim that the repo is her ex-husband’s, Eric Willams, fault.  They say that the former NBA player is actually the one who has stopped making payments on the car, and when Williams found out, it was too late.

If TMCC likely has their way, someone will have to pay.


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