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The battle of the baby momma, baby daddy drama continues between NBA star Chris Bosh and his ex-Allison Mathis.  Bosh’s patience with his ex has apparently worn thin and now he wants to sue her for invading his privacy, reports the Miami Herald.

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Bosh is reportedly miffed at Mathis because she made him look like a scrub when she went public with the fact that she lost her job, has applied for food stamps and is facing foreclosure.  Mathis also spilled the dirt on the fact that Bosh gets a whopping $18 million a year as a player for the newly crowned NBA champions the Miami Heat, while she receives a paltry $2,600 in child support for their 3-year-old daughter.

A demand letter was sent to Mathis’ attorney on Wednesday by Bosh’s lawyer C. Anthony Mulrain which puts the 26-year-old woman and her legal eagles on notice about her recent media antics against his client.

The letter states that the monthly support that is provided by Bosh was set by a court-ordered Texas child advocate.  He is apparently meeting the demands that were set in place for the child which includes all preschool expenses and supplies, school extracurricular and developmental activities fees.  Bosh was not mandated to provide the child with medical and dental insurance but he freely does so, according to his attorney.  The dad, who also claims to support his daughter emotionally and spiritually, has set up a college fund for the little girl as well.  Mulrain made it clear that all of the extras that Bosh is paying for add up to much more than the court-ordered $2,600 a month.

Bosh’s legal rep also made mention of the fact that Bosh gave Mathis $250,000 back in 2010.  Mulrain did not mince words when he stated in the letter that Bosh will not be so generous if Mathis continues on her smear warpath.  He also pointed out that Mathis worked for a company that was owned by a relative and was paid off the books which is why she was ineligible to collect unemployment benefits and instead applied for food stamps.

Mathis is also being accused of giving out copies of the video of when Bosh learned that she was pregnant with their child to various media outlets.  Bosh’s lawyer accuses the young woman of being “tasteless” and contends that the video handouts are a definite “invasion of privacy.”  Bosh and his team are demanding that Mathis contact each of the press organizations whom she supplied a copy of the video to and demand that they destroy the footage in question.

A deadline of April 28, 2013 was given for the complete destruction of the videos or else Mathis will be sued for the privacy invasion and a list of other things.

The video below  depicts Bosh and Mathis during happier times when they found out about the baby.  Thus far, the video has been viewed by nearly 27,000 folks.


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