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A court-ordered DNA test just proved that hard-core rapper Rick Ross (pictured) did not father the 3-year-old child of Tyrisha Childers, according to KSN-TV News.

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Childers filed a paternity suit against the “Teflon Don” at the beginning of the year, claiming that she and Ross had slept together and produced a child three years ago.

Ross has been adamant about the fact that he and Childers never engaged in sexual relations, so he could not have fathered her son.

When Childers filed the suit, she contended that Ross had not given her one red cent toward the support of their alleged child and that she was destitute. She had only been receiving $694 a month in disability payments and did not even have a bank account.

Ross was determined to prove the child’s paternity, so he petitioned the courts for a DNA test to prove what he had been stating all along: he was not the father of Childers’ son.

The DNA test results prove, within a shadow of a doubt, that Ross had actually been telling the truth all along. Now Childers has voluntarily dismissed her paternity suit.

Alrighty now, Ricky Rozay, do your dance!

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