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Adrian Peterson arrestMinnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson (pictured), who has been nursing a knee injury, was reportedly placed in cuffs on Saturday morning and charged with resisting arrest, reports CBS Sports.

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According to an internal incident report, Peterson allegedly pushed an off-duty police officer who had been working security at a nightclub.

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Watch Peterson’s arrest here:


The 27-year-old, who reportedly visits the club often, had been reportedly “drinking heavily,” when he allegedly started a heated altercation with an off-duty cop, because he was denied service.

Apparently, Peterson got miffed when the off-duty cop asked him to leave the premises of the nightclub.   Peterson then was said to have cursed at the security employee.

Even though the club’s manager, Daniel Maher, claims to have asked the off-duty policeman to not take any action against him, Peterson reportedly became even more irate, talking louder and spewing more curses as he threw insults at the club’s security person.  At one point, two policemen reportedly appeared before Peterson, and when he spotted them, he rushed and allegedly put his hands on them.

The police officers then had no recourse but to  “take him down while he was aggressively resisting arrest the entire time,” said the report.  It reportedly took three off-duty officers to place handcuffs on Peterson.  After the incident, Peterson was said to be docile and “very apologetic.”

Peterson, who sustained a black eye in the scuffle, was taken to a Houston jail.  He also complained of shortness of breath after the ruckus but was examined and given a clean bill of health.

The young player was released on a $1,000 bail but is due in County Court this Friday to answer to the criminal charges.


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