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Boxing great Evander Holyfield (pictured) is down for the count, after he was forced to move out of his 54,000-square-foot mansion for being unable to satisfy a whopping debt of more than $14 million that was owed to them on the home, reports TMZ.

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The palatial estate, which is located outside of Atlanta, was recently sold for a reported $7.5 million.  The boxing great’s famed home had been in and out of foreclosure throughout the years.  Holyfield, now 50, has had money troubles ranging from his child support nonpayment issues for his 11 children to making the IRS deadbeat list for delinquent taxes to divorce to bad money management moves and even owing exorbitant amounts for services like a 2008 landscaping bill, where he was hit with a $500,000 lawsuit.

The man who was just sued last month by one of his baby mommas for $300,000 in back child support and who has earned in excess of $200 million in his boxing career now has a reported net worth of about 1 million dollars, if that.

At first, Holyfield was allowed to stay put after the sale of his home, which is only 1,000 square feet smaller than the White House and which has 109 rooms, 17 baths, 3 kitchens, a bowling alley, a movie theater, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and sits on 235 acres.

Now, unfortunately, his time has run out!

Reportedly, there were several moving trucks present on Monday to move the former champ out.  As to where Holyfield is moving to, mums the word for now.


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