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Rap artist extraordinaire Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot has filed a lawsuit against a Chicago luxury motor car dealership for holding a $376,000 Lamborghini she had purchased from them captive, according to TMZ.

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Elliot filed a lawsuit in Florida, where she resides, against Fox Valley Motor Cars, after she entered in to an agreement with them to purchase a 2012 matte white Lamborghini Aventador (pictured below).

She reportedly plopped down $30,000 cash, plus her 2005 Bentley, which is valued at $85,000, in order to secure a down payment for the exotic. The dealership reportedly agreed to ship the Lambo to Elliot by mid-year, but it never arrived.

When Elliot contacted the dealership to find out why they failed to ship the vehicle to her, she was informed that the market value of the vehicle had increased greatly, so the terms of their original agreement had become — in their eyes — null and void.

According to Elliot’s lawsuit, the dealership was holding out for more money than what they had originally agreed upon and were holding on to the vehicle until their demands were met.

Now Elliot has taken her battle to the courts to determine if the dealership can in fact hold her costly exotic hostage.  The multi-award-winning performer is also suing for damages resulting from the dealership’s breach of contract.


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