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Keisha and Wilco Van Kleef-Bolton stand out from the crowd and it has little to do with their different skintones. At a combined height of more than 13 feet tall, the couple rants among the world’s tallest married couples, the Daily Mail reports.

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And the British couple’s children seem to be following in their parents’ footsteps. Their six-year-old son, Lucus, is already 4-foot-5, the normal height of an 11-year-old. Jonah, the couple’s newborn, weighs more than 9 pounds. Though Eva, their five-year-old daughter, stands at a mere 3-foot-7, the average height for a girl her age.

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Keishe, who is a British citizen, says buying clothes for their fast-growing children can be tricky and being pregnant at her height presents its challenges.

‘We’re already investing in clothes for three-year-olds and only buying a few outfits for very new babies because our kids grow so fast.

‘Because I’m used to having tall kids, Jonah seems extra tiny at the moment. But at 9lb 2oz, he was a big baby and he’s already gone up to more than 10lb.

‘I’m a very protective mother and being so tall means I can keep an eye on where my kids are at all times.’

Keisha, who wore men’s clothes when she was pregnant because there weren’t any maternity outfits big enough, said the couple would like another child.

The husband, who was born in The Netherlands, says that he has to purchase shoes from websites the cater to NBA players. He adds that even the most basic aspects of parenting presents challenges.

‘The biggest problem at the moment is teaching our kids to ride their bikes because being so tall we have to bend over constantly, which is quite painful for our backs.

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‘Lucas has already grown out of his school uniform this year so we’ll have to get him trousers for 10-year-olds next.

‘They both go through about three pairs of shoes per year.’

But the beauty of being tall, Keisha told the Daily Mail, is that nothing is ever too far out of her reach.

“I never have to use a stepladder to reach the top shelf.”

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