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Barbara Winfrey (pictured right), who is married to Oprah’s dad Vernon (pictured left), accused her husband of conspiring with his daughter to elbow her out of their longtime barbershop business.

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Just one week ago, the talk show maven purchased the foreclosed building, where her father’s business was housed and Barbara was, according to her, left out of the loop. On Monday, the incensed step-Mom filed in divorce papers that Vernon plotted with his iconic TV talk show daughter to have her thrown out of the $1.5-million home she shared with him, rendering her homeless, reports Radar Online.

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Five days after their 12th year anniversary, Vernon filed for divorce claiming that his wife was “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct” and irreconcilable differences. Barbara, a former teacher, who has been married to Vernon, 80, for 12 years, fired back at Vernon via the divorce papers contending that her husband was a serial cheater and even threatened to kill her on several occasions. The thrice-married Barbara, 76, also declared in the filing that she feared for her personal safety and financial future.

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On one occasion, Barbara, who is seeking alimony, mentions in the divorce petition that Vernon, a former metro-Nashville councilman, chased her with a gun and threatened to shoot her.  She also claims that her husband and Oprah are taking “actions designed to deprive [Barbara Winfrey] of her equitable interest in their marriage property.”

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The home that Barbara shares with her husband is titled in Oprah’s name, and according to the troubled wife, she claims that he was going to force her to leave their residence with no place to go.

The couple also owns rental properties, and Barbara alleges that Vernon has instructed the tenants to “hold the rent.”  Barbara says that she had been using the rent money to take care of her personal obligations.

Last week, Barbara reportedly called the authorities to complain that Vernon and his “uninvited” posse  showed up at the $1.5-million residence.

The Barbara vs. Vernon divorce is off to an ugly start, stay tuned!

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