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Cindy Gaston (pictured), a 25-year-old Brooklyn woman who works as a nanny, plucked the four-year-old boy she was caring for from the path of a stolen jeep that almost killed them both, the New York Daily News reports.

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The near-death accident took place on Thursday when Gaston and the boy, Jonathan Meltzer, were waiting on a corner for a bus that was bringing his sister home from a camping trip. Gaston saw a green vehicle coming at them and instinctively yelled “Run!” The vehicle careened across traffic, jumped the sidewalk and crashed through a traffic pole. It clipped Gaston in the back of the leg, injuring her.

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Witnesses quickly came to her aid until an ambulance arrived. Once inside of the emergency vehicle, Gaston had the wherewithal to call the boy’s mother to assure her that the boy was OK.

“She totally saved my child’s life,” Chandra Meltzer told the Daily News.

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Dezmon Sardina, the 19-year-old man responsible for the accident, was charged with “seven criminal charges ranging from robbery to reckless endangerment.” Sardina allegedly stole the vehicle from his girlfriend after pushing her down to the ground on a nearby street.


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Gaston was treated at a local hospital for bruises and released soon after. Gaston — perhaps Super Nanny now — is on crutches, but otherwise OK. She is in pain, but is very eager to see the boy she saved and his older sister.

“The kids are so sweet,” she said. “The sweetest children in the world. I’m so happy that I was able to do this.”


Watch Super Nanny Talk About Saving The Little Boy, Herself Below