Michelle Obama, Barack Obama, Malia ObamaIf the First Couple’s courtside smooch for the Verizon Center’s ‘Kiss Cam’ didn’t capture your attention, then the picture of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama doing the Bankhead Bounce, a ’90’s dance that originated in Atlanta, has to make you look twice.

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Mrs. Obama laughingly refused to kiss her husband the first time they landed on the ‘Kiss Cam’ at Monday night’s USA Basketball exhibition game. But after receiving permission from daughter Malia, they went for it when they got a do-over.

See ‘The Kiss’ below:

In the midst of all the oohing and aahing, the first Kodak Moment flew largely under the radar. See below for your viewing pleasure:

First Lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, Malia Obama

We knew the First Lady could teach you how to ‘Dougie’ or how to ‘Jerk,’ but the president is usually known for his smoother moves. Maybe it took his more rhythmic wife to bring it out of him.

Whatever the case, kissing, dancing and basketball sounds like a date night to remember!

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