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When two armed thugs walked into a New Bedford, Massachusetts grocer store ready to rob the joint, they likely weren’t betting on an elderly woman to repel their plot with fruit-pelting barrage!

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But, according to myfoxboston, that is exactly what happened. On Friday, 80-year-old Otilia Martins witnessed the two robbers demanding cash from the register at Continental Market that is owned by her daughter Maria Nogueria and son-in-law, Manny. Without hesitation, she began pelting the robbers with apples and mangoes. Stunned, the would-be robbers tried in vain to stop the fruit-packin’ granny from bustin’ fruit bombs at them, so they aborted their heist and dashed for the door.

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But not before the robber behind the counter popped Martins over the head with his .38 caliber pistol.

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The robbers, Eduardo Torres-Lopez, 22, and Jesse DosSantos, 24, were both masked during the robbery attempt that was recorded on the store surveillance camera. They managed to take $500 bucks before running out of the store. But the cops cuffed them some 15 minutes later. The son-in-law ID’d them.

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Torres-Lopez and DosSantos were charged with assault and battery on a person over the age of 60, armed robbery and robbery while masked and carrying a dangerous weapon without a license.

Martins suffered a cut on her head from the gun blow, but she will be just fine.

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Now that is one ride-or-die granny any family should want in their clan.

WATCH 80-Year-Old Granny Pelt Robber With Mangos and Apples Below