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Fiona Walshe (pictured below, bottom) is looking for not only an apology but compensation as well from comedian Eddie Griffin (pictured left) for an alleged lewd act that she was subjected to by him at one of his recent shows.  The funnyman is accused of thrusting his hips into Walshe’s face to such an extreme that she felt sexually assaulted. The funny bit turned ugly and a fight of sorts ensued, according to TMZ.

Walshe, who is a lesbian, and her partner Leslie (pictured below, top) had gone to Tommy T’s, a comedy club in Pleasanton, California.  When Griffin hit the stage to perform, he zeroed in on Walsh and her lady-love.

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Walsh contends that Griffin pointed to her table and exclaimed, “You are a lesbian!  All you need is a good man and I’ll volunteer my services.  You won’t be needing any strap-ons or vibrators with me!”

The comedy act went downhill from there according to Walsh.

Griffin then approached Walsh and according to the angry woman, “He started to pump his hips into my face.  I felt sexually assaulted and I wanted him to stop, then I threw the drink at him to defend myself,” she told TMZ.

After the drink was thrown at the performer, it was on!  Reportedly Griffin went berserk, he began grabbing anything he could find within his reach and threw it at Walshe and her partner.  The women were bombarded with items, even salt and pepper shakers.  “Before I could get away,  he poured a water bottle on my head and threw it at me,” she lamented.

Walsh did not find the comedian’s antics funny and has hired a lawyer to represent her.  The woman’s legal counselor tells TMZ, “We’re seeking an apology from Eddie Griffin and compensation for the public humiliation and emotional distress. There will be a lawsuit if he doesn’t make amends.”

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