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Christopher King (pictured), a brave 10-year-old from Lawrenceville, Georgia called 911 while his home was being invaded by two robbers, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

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Christopher was working on his computer Friday evening when he heard a knock at the door. He assumed it was a salesman. Unfortunately, the knock on the door wasn’t anyone wanting to sell something. It was two men breaking their way into his home to take his valuables.

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“I was so scared I wanted to just burst out crying,” Christopher told WXIA-TV Atlanta.  “But I was like ‘Chris just calm down, stay cool and collected.'”

He ran upstairs to his brother’s bedroom and hid under the bed. King heard glass breaking and the intruders entered the home. They even made their way the room where he was hiding. One of the thieves dropped something near the bed he was hiding under, but they didn’t sense his presence. Though, to their surprise, they did notice the cops outside of the residence.

“They were like, ‘The cops are here! The cops are here!’” Christopher said.

The intruders fled the scene, but were quickly caught by Gwinnett County police. One of the suspects, 19-year-old D’andrew Greene, was charged him with burglary and obstruction of a police officer.

WATCH BRAVE Little Christopher Describe The Home Invasion

The Journal-Constitution has more on this story:

Moments later, Christopher’s father, Charles King, pulled into the driveway with lunch for his son. He didn’t know why all the patrol cars were in his neighborhood until he saw that his back door had been kicked in.

“The cops were like, ‘Don’t move!’ and I told them, ‘This is my house,’” Charles King said. “Then I just started calling out for Christopher.”

The Cedar Hill Elementary School student, who will be entering fifth grade next month, finally emerged from under the bed, shaken but secure.

“When I heard my dad then I knew it was OK,” the boy said.

His father said the thieves would have gotten away with about $5,000 in clothing and electronics if not for his son’s quick thinking. Police said they recovered some electronics that had been removed from the home in the wood line behind the house and returned them to the family.

“Christopher King did an excellent job during this incident,” Gwinnett police Cpl. Jake Smith said in an email to the AJC. “He kept calm and contacted police while keeping himself out of harm’s way. His level-headed attitude, and the preparation he had received from his parents, served him well.”

We are so happy that Christopher ended up safe and that he had the wherewithal to call the cops. Let us celebrate the bravery of this fine young man!