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Snoop Dogg has been banned, yet again, from another country and this time it’s Norway.

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Following an arrest last month at Kjevik Airport in Kristiansand, Norway for marijuana possession, Snoop will not be allowed in the country until the summer of 2014, reports the Business Insider.

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At first, it was believed that Snoop would only receive a light slap on the wrist for arriving in the country with 8 grams of marijuana and carrying more cash, $37,352, than the country allows its visitors to possess, which is $33,236.

Instead, the 40-year-old rap legend was fined 52,000 kroners, or $8,600, for the violations. He was allowed to go ahead with his plans to perform at the popular Hove Music Festival, also in Kristiansand.

Reportedly, Snoop is fine with the country’s decision to ban him over the next two years and has no plans to appeal it.

The always engaging entertainer also became persona non grata in the United Kingdom following a 2006 Heathrow Airport brawl involving him and his entourage. The ban was lifted after an appeal.  The following year, Australia banned Snoop because of his criminal record. At the time, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews told Sydney’s “Macquarie Radio” that “[Snoop] doesn’t seem the sort of bloke we want in this country.”

Eventually, the “land down under” granted him a work visa.

Snoop is set to release a new album, “Reincarnated” later this year. He is temporarily setting his familiar moniker aside and adopting a new name, “Snoop Lion.”  The West coast rapper will be foraying into the reggae genre of music. His first live appearance as ‘Snoop Lion & the Jungle’ is scheduled to take place on Aug. 3 at Toronto’s Caribana 2012.

Listen to Snoop Lion’s first cut, “La La, La,” from his reggae album below.

Snoop Lion-La La La

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