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When Rachel Onasanwo (pictured) of London learned that she got a job welcoming and assisting guests before they enter the Olympic Park gates, she says she was hoping to have a life-changing experience. However, she ended up with much more.

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The New York Daily News reports that Onasanwo, who describes herself as a “people pleaser,” was overjoyed about the chance to meet and greet with people during a major event as the Olympic Games. “I was like: ‘Yes, I have a podium to talk to people,” she said. “And there was the added benefit of sitting down.”

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But she didn’t foresee was the benefit of going viral. A YouTube video of her in action titled,”Happiest Olympic Worker 2012,” has more than one million views. And it wasn’t like Onasanwo did or said anything particularly amazing. It was just her simply–and dry–British wit that seemed to tickle the guests.

“We’re ready, we’re excited, London 2012, my mouth is dry, I need some water but I’m still talking because I’m that happy I’m going to overcome it,” she says through her megaphone as people recording her joyous welcome snickered.

“I cannot contain my excitement everybody, today is a very special day, we are going to be telling our children’s children’s children’s children’s children about this day.”

Happiest Olympic Worker 2012

She is part of a team called “the last mile” that is responsible for making sure that guests have a good time before entering the Olympic Park gates. I’d says she is doing her job quite well.

“But I can’t believe the response, it’s surreal … I’m just a normal person.”

Well, for now, Onasanwo is a “viral” person. Check out her interview with the Daily News below.