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Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. (pictured) has a warrant out for his arrest on charges of municipal battery, after allegedly pushing a female bartender Tuesday morning in New Orleans, reports TMZ.

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According to New Orleans police, after Gooding entered a French Quarter bar with a group of people, he became angry, spewing curse words at some bar patrons who began accosting him about taking photographs.  When the unnamed bartender reportedly tried to calm him down, he retaliated by allegedly pushing her twice with an open hand against a wall — once during the chaos and again, before he exited the bar.

One of the bartender’s co-workers summoned police, but by the time they reportedly arrived, Gooding and his entourage had left the bar.

Now, New Orleans police are currently looking for him.

Gooding is currently in New Orleans to shooting a film with Oprah Winfrey entitled “The Butler,” but only two months ago, tongues were wagging about Gooding’s recent out-of-control behavior:  Gooding was reportedly caught at a New York City bar in a drunken haze doing a strip tease table dance for patrons, and the married Dad of three was also accused of pawing a party host’s girlfriend that same month.

Get a grip, Gooding!

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