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Randy Jackson (pictured), the youngest Jackson brother and recent ringleader of a plan to overthrow the executors of Michael’s will in order to obtain his estate, is now embroiled in child support drama. Randy reportedly owes his former sister-in-law and current baby momma Alejandra Jackson (pictured below) $500,000 in back child support payments and folks are speculating that this debt is the reason behind his latest actions to get to Michael’s money, reports RadarOnline.

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Alejandra had two children with Randy while she was actually married to his brother Jermaine.

Even though tongues are wagging that all of the recent brouhaha surrounding the Jackson family began with Randy, Randy insists that money is not at the center of the sibling’s motives for wanting Michael’s estate lawyers out of the picture.

According RadarOnline, though, Randy is not being forthcoming with the reasons behind his actions: Both Randy and Jermaine — who also has children with Alejandra and is behind in his child support payments — have asked the  King of Pop’s estate to cover their mounting and delinquent payments to Alejandra.

“There’s no reason why Randy should be so far behind on his child support payments. He shouldn’t be a deadbeat dad.  But knowing how much Randy owes along with all this crazy drama surrounding Michael’s estate,  there’s definitely reason to question his motives regarding the estate and Michael’s will,” the insider revealed to RadarOnline.

Randy was the one who got the ball rolling and enlisted the help of siblings, Rebbie, Tito, Janet, and Jermaine to try to oust the executors of their deceased sibling’s estate lawyers, John McClain and John Braca, contending that Michael’s will has been falsified and is a collection of “false and defamatory accusations.”

Michael’s will has been challenged unsuccessfully three times in the past.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge declared that the legal team of executors had carried out their duties diligently and have met all obligations to not only the estate but to those named in the will, Michael’s mother Katherine, and his three children Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince “Blanket” Michael II.

Michael did not leave anything to his siblings or to his father, Joseph.

When Randy appeared on MSNBC recently in an effort to defend his and his sibling’s estate motives, Randy said, “Let me just say this.  This is not about money for us.”

Watch Randy on MSNBC here:

Still, many feel that Randy’s actions tell another story.

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