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Dajuan Porter, 27, was arrested on charges that he performed oral sex on victims while they slept, reports

Porter, a well-known DJ in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, would allegedly spot the men on the downtown bar scene and assault them when they least expected it. According to victim statements, none of the them recall being particularly inebriated and that is being investigated as well.

According to police, they first began investigating the matter in May of 2011 when a man alleged that an intruder climbed his fire escape and began performing oral sex on him. In addition to that allegation, two additional victims reported that they awoke after a night of partying to Porter sexually assaulting them.

One victim, who asked to remain anonymous, claims that Porter had tried to perform oral sex on him repeatedly after being invited into his home with mutual friends:

“He actually tried it on me overnight,” stated the man. “I violently woke up because I felt a hand go down my pants.

“It made me crazy for days and I really wanted to hunt Dejuan down and beat him to the pavement,” the victim told

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Porter was charged with “three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, three counts of sexual assault and burglary.” In an unexpected twist, this is not the DJ’s first time being arrested for such crimes. While in jail last year, he was charged with sexually assaulting his cell mate while he slept.

Investigators suspect more victims and anyone with information is encouraged to contact Harrisburg Police Detective John O’Connor at 717-255-3175.

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