Nigerian spiritual sacrificeIn the Okunu village of Jesse in the Delta State of Nigeria, Gladys Emafuru was in bed sleeping with her 8-day-old daughter, when her 24-year-old husband came into the room, opened the baby’s stomach with a cutlass and collected her intestines and other vital organs, reports

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Currently in custody, the suspect confessed to the heinous crime, alleging that he was under the orders of a Ghanian spiritualist.

“The suspect [whose name has been withheld] after collecting the vital parts of the baby, concealed them in a black cellophane bag and was about escaping to Ghana when he was caught. He has confessed committing the act, saying that it was demanded for in Ghana, ” said State Police Public Relations Officer, Charles Muka.

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While not commonplace, the act of human sacrifice across the continent of Africa is a widespread occurrence and a tradition that Leo Igwe, the International Humanist and Ethical Union’s representative for West and Southern Africa, has been working diligently to combat.

“The practice of ritual killingand human sacrifice continues to take place in several African countries in contravention of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and other human rights instruments. In this 21st century, human beings are still being hunted down, mutilated, murdered or sacrificed for ritual purposes across the region. Several cases of kidnapping and disappearance of personsare traced to the vicious schemes and activities of ritualists. In most cases, those targeted for ritual sacrifice are vulnerable members of the population — the  poor, women, childrenthe aged and people with disabilities.

“Ritualists hunt for and harvest human body parts to prepare charms and magical concoctions. In some cases desperate ritualists invade cemeteries and exhume dead bodiesto extract body parts.”

It has not been revealed what the internal organs of the baby girl were to be used for in Ghana, but hopefully this “father’s” time behind bars will force him to realize there is nothing spiritual about murder.

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