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Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member Flesh-n-Bones (pictured) reported his daughter missing two weeks ago. Now, according to TMZ, she has finally returned home.

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Flesh’s daughter, Monica (pictured below), 15, was last seen at her job at a Taco Bell fast food establishment in San Bernardino, Calif.  Her parents reportedly summoned police detectives when the teen did not come home from work.

Flesh, whose actual name is Stanley Howse, went to various news outlets with the hopes that someone would provide him with information on his daughter’s whereabouts.

Investigators suspected that Monica might have been in the company of a friend,  23-year-old  Alberto Silva Sanchez (pictured right with Monica), whom police referred to as a person of interest. After a family friend was able to pinpoint Monica’s whereabouts, she was safely returned home.

The rapper told TMZ that it is unclear where his daughter was but he’s only too glad that she’s back where she should be at their Big Bear home.  “I am very grateful that she is back home and okay,” says the 39-year-old performer.


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