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Jane Champion (pictured), an 18-year-old British girl from Swansea, U.K., was severely beaten by her parents after learning she was dating a Black man and refused to leave him, The Daily Mail reports.

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Jane’s parents, David and Frances Champion, were convicted on Monday for attacking her. The father was sentenced to twelve months in prison while the wife got nine months behind bars.

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The “Jungle Fever” drama started when Jane’s parents learned of her 18-month relationship with Zimbabwe-born, Alfonce Ncube, 18. The father violently threw her out of the house by grabbing her hair and striking her in the process, according to prosecutors. Jane moved in with her grandparents in St Thomas, Swansea, but eventually moved back into her parent’s home.

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One day, her father asked her if she was still seeing Ncube. When Jane admitted that she was, he hit her. The Daily Mail has more on this story:

‘Miss Champion said she felt huge pain to her left eye but her father then grabbed her by the throat and continued hitting her.’

Mr Champion, 47, then began hitting his daughter – causing swelling on her face and lumps on her head – yelling abuse at the teenager saying: ‘You deserve it. It is all your fault.’

Swansea Crown Court was told Mr Champion said his daughter had ‘brought shame on her family’.

The couple then went in search of Mr Ncube at the Swansea restaurant where he worked.

When they were removed from the premises Mr Champion continued to bang on the restaurant window. John Hipkin, defending her husband, said his client knew that it was an ‘abhorrent’ assault, adding: ‘It’s not excusable in any way, shape or form.

‘But the circumstances in which he found his young daughter meant he reacted in a terrible way. Lessons have been learned.’

Well, we hope so because the parents multiple beatdowns have not weakened their daughter’s resolve. Jane and Ncube have since moved into together and attend the same university in their town.

The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom interviewed a friend of Jane who says she is standing by her man:

“Jane had to live a lie for 18 months, that’s how worried she was about what her parents would say. She and Alfie have now told them they are in love. They’ve been very brave by sticking together in the face of so much hostility and she’s very sad and upset at the way things have turned out.

“Jane hopes that her parents might learn to be a bit more tolerant while they’re in prison and to learn to accept Alfie, who’s a good, hard-working young man.”

Now that is love. Not even a family beating is keeping Jane away from her man.