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Nothing will kill a person off faster these days than Twitter.

The Twittersphere lit up with the hashtag #RIP John Witherspoon and #RIP Pops, until the funny man set the record straight with a few tweets of his own.

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Witherspoon, best known for his roles in Ice Cube’s “Friday” franchise as Mr. Jones, Pops in the Eddie Murphy classic “Boomerang” and as Robert Townsend’s boss, the proprietor of Winky-Dinky Dog, in “Hollywood Shuffle,” has long been respected as one of the most hilarious men in comedy.

He joins the ranks of Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman and Will Smith, as celebrities who have all “died” on Twitter. Thankfully, the rumor is not true and he’s still alive, kicking and “coordinating.”

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Witherspoon as Mr. Jones in Friday:

Witherspoon as Pops in Boomerang: