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Though Lolo Jones will be returning to the U.S. without any medals wrapped around her neck, her future is surely as bright as gold.

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Fox News reports that the Olympic 100-meter runner has wide range of career possibilities, both on and off of the track.

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Jones, 30, certainly can continue running over the next few years, especially in Europe where track and field is popular. But if she wants to try and medal at the next Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, 2016 is most likely her cut off date.

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“There’s a long four years between now and the games in Rio de Janeiro,” legendary Boston sportscaster Bob Lobel told “But if Lolo wants to go to Rio and compete–give it one more shot to get a medal–maybe that’s the most important thing in her life. Either way, she’s not going to go quietly.”

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Though Jones said she got a phone call from Gail Devers, a 100-meter track and field legend, who reminded her that she earned her last medal at 37. In fact, Devers was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 1990, but earned back-to-back gold medals in the 100-meter dash at the 92 and 96 Olympic games.

Anything is possible.

Jones will be 34-years-old in 2016. And, given that runners are getting faster each year, she would surely have to perform better than the 12.58 she clocked in London to medal. It would be a challenging feat. But certainly a feat within reach.

When she is not training for her next race, her time should surely be filled with television opportunities.

“I’m sure every major Hollywood agent is clamoring to get a meeting with her, as her great looks and exuberant personality could certainly make her a new Tinsletown treasure,” said editor Jawn Murray. “At the very least, expect to see her on an upcoming season of ‘Dancing with the Stars!’”

Jones, who has more than 300,000 Twitter followers and is known for her hilarious tweets, has the athletic resume, telegenic persona and overall life story needed to help her access a plethora of business opportunities on and off of the track.

While some of Jones’ critics argue that American indoor 60-meter hurdle record holder is all hat and no cattle, at least one suggests that her shrewd marketing skills will take her to heights at which many of her track and field peers may never arrive.

“I come from the school of, ‘If you have it–flaunt it,’ and I would like to think that Lolo has ‘it’–whatever ‘it’ is,” Lobel explained. “She may overdo it a little bit, but I’d like to think that apart from her athletic career, she can be pretty successful at whatever she does.”

According to Jones’ website, some of her endorsement deals include BP, Red Bull, Asics, Mc Donalds, and Twinlab.