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Eric Williams (pictured), ex-hubby of VH1 “Basketball Wives” co-star Jennifer Williams, recently took the low road, when he took to his Twitter account and poked fun at the recent marital domestic violence debacle involving Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and his new bride, Evelyn Lozada. Rather than offering sympathetic words of encouragement, Williams socked Lozada in the kisser with a rant of brutal wisecracks.

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Lozada and Johnson, after only being married for a little over a month, reportedly had a spat that ballooned into a domestic violence charge that was filed by the bride against her spouse.  Reportedly, Lozada was head butted by Johnson during an argument that began when she discovered a receipt for a box of condoms in the trunk of his Smart car.

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News of the newlywed’s battle hit the tabloids, and when Williams got wind of it, he recklessly took to the Twitterverse and tweeted the following on his account:

#The_UNseeN_BEinG ‏@EricWilliamsYO

Trouble in Chaddy-Dise!!! @EvelynLozada say, are u gonna Keep the #lastname like your apprentice @IamJennifer trying 2do… Ha ha.. Gotcha!

#The_UNseeN_BEinG ‏@EricWilliamsYO

I guess @EvelynLozada really do like rough #sex.. a little over-board this time Chaddy… I said it..

#The_UNseeN_BEinG @EricWilliamsYO

At @evelynLozada, I bet ur ass wont be making any appearances… u can always come 2 #KnoTingHam_Palace… We have the cure 4that #knot.

#The_UNseeN_BEinG ‏@EricWilliamsYO
New Show VH-1 “2Bumps u Cant get enuf” Starring: Eric “Knot chO Cheese” Williams & Evelyn “Chad Head-Butted you” Lozada Who’s Watching???

#The_UNseeN_BEinG ‏@EricWilliamsYO

Hey @EvelynLozada…… I bet that #knot on your head more #shinier than mine…. #Prince_of_NewARK

#The_UNseeN_BEinG ‏@EricWilliamsYO“What? Condoms?? F**k u talkN bout” I miss 3 catches 2day dont start no sh*t @evelynLozada, Bammmmm! (head-butt) I told u quick F**kN w me”
Obviously, Williams, who sports a large knot on his forehead, joked about the domestic violence episode but also got in a few jibes about his ex Jennifer. Williams has quite a few Twitter followers who also thought it was funny that Lozada claimed to have been head butted by her husband and had to seek medical attention.

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