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On top of all the negativity that has been swirling around the ill-fated recent nuptials of Evelyn Lozada (pictured below) and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, now there are reports of cheating on Johnson’s part, according to RadarOnline.

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One possible reason behind the couple’s marital woes are accusations that Chad has not been fully committed.  These allegations, reportedly point to Beverly Shiner (pictured inset), who is claiming to have had an affair with the NFL pro from January, right up until May of this year, when Lozada was in the final throes of their wedding plans.

The 30-year-old woman claims that she and Chad met via Twitter.  Shiner claims that Chad sent her a personal message, which was a dinner invite with his phone number attached.

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Shiner tells Radar, “I Googled him before we met and saw he was engaged, but at the time, there were reports that she had broken it off because she thought he was cheating, so I assumed they had split up.”

The young woman claims that she visited Chad at his Foxborough, Mass., home.  When Shiner reportedly stepped in to his bathroom, she discovered that there were personal belongings, which was a clear indication that a woman was living at the residence.

Shiner, who is a Mother of two, went on to tell Radar of an odd occurrence while she visited Chad’s home.  “While I was there, he called Evelyn and asked if she could order a pizza to be delivered to him, and even had her reportedly pay for it on her credit card, Shiner revealed.  “I thought it was odd and wondered if she was really his fiancée or just a secretary.”

Despite what she had overheard, Shiner admitted to the online tabloid that she slept with Chad, embroiling herself in a sexual relationship.

Even when Chad played at this year’s Super Bowl, Shiner claims that he texted that he missed her even though Lozada was there to support him along with his children.

When the pair were separated by distance with Chad having to move to Miami to live with Lozada, he continued to allegedly text her.  The couple, however, would continue to rendezvous, according to Shiner, whenever he would get to Boston, where Shiner lived.

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By May, Shiner claims that she was kicked to the curb abruptly by Chad.  She says he eventually stopped responding to her texts after a last night of passion. Shiner claims that she was shocked by Chad’s behavior, especially since he once allegedly told her that he’d wanted to move in with her and her children and kept asking if she wanted to have more kids.

Lozada and Chad have been the stuff of tabloid fodder over the last few days. First, there were reports of an argument over a condom’s receipt in Chad’s car that exploded into domestic violence between the two.

Then Chad was released from his still freshly inked contract with the Miami Dolphins over the domestic violence allegations.  As if there could not be any more bad karma involving the couple, their scheduled VH1 reality show “Ev & Ocho” which centered around their wedding plans, was canceled.  Finally, Lozada’s beloved brother-in-law succumbed to cancer.

What more can be said?