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While rapper Tone Loc (pictured) was attending a comedy charity event at the famed Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, he reportedly began to experience what appeared to be a seizure, according to TMZ.

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According to witnesses who were in attendance at the fund-raiser to benefit “My Friend’s House,” which provides food to the homeless, Tone Loc, suddenly began flailing in his seat.  He then fell to the floor and appeared to be gasping for air.  People immediately came to his aid by wiping his heavily sweated brow and patting him with cold water.

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A patron reportedly summoned an ambulance, but since the entertainer was able to come around rather quickly, they sent the ambulance back.

After the medical episode, which was attributed to eating bad food according to his handlers, Tone Loc left the event and is reportedly resting at home.

Only two months ago, though, the “Wild Thing” rapper was performing at a concert in Austin, Texas, when he suddenly collapsed.  The fall was attributed to heat exhaustion.  Again, he was treated on the scene with water and he cooled off.  Oddly enough, when he resumed his gig, he repeated the exact same songs he had performed before he collapsed.

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But the 46-year-old “Funky Cold Medina” hip-hop star has apparently taken nose dives before these latest episodes.

In 2009, Tone Loc was rushed to a Florida hospital after collapsing on stage, losing consciousness, and busting open his elbow as a result of the fall.   In 2011, he was hospitalized in Atlanta after yet another mid-rap fall attributed to exhaustion.

Go see a doctor, Tone!

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