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Ohio’s Garfield Heights High School basketball stand-out Tony Farmer, 18, was one of the most highly sought after players in the nation until he decided to viciously assault his ex-girlfriend in the lobby of her apartment complex, reports the LA

Andrea Lane, 18, entered her building and Farmer quickly pounced and backed her into a corner. He mercilessly began an assault that included kicking her in the head, knocking her to the ground, kicking and dragging her by the hair. She can be seen on surveillance video huddled in a corner as he continues the abuse outside of the building, where he kicked her in the head 4 additional times.

“I don’t know what was wrong with him that day, said Lane tearfully in court. “I mean I know he was a good person, I hope he still is, I hope he learns from this.”

See the attack below. Viewer discretion advised:

After pleading guilty to kidnapping and felonious assault, Farmer will now spend the next three years in prison.

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The hoop-star wasn’t so big and bad when he heard the sentencing. He looked absolutely amazed that he was actually being punished for his actions and collapsed as Judge Pamela Barker read the sentence out loud.

At six-feet-seven-inches tall and weighs 220 pounds, Farmer was considered one of the top 100 college recruits in the country. In an interview with Fox 8, Barker said that the outpouring of support that Farmer received from the community, including coaching staff who didn’t want to see his basketball star dim, did not sway her in the least bit because he was clearly not remorseful for his actions.

“There’s nothing in the sentencing guidelines that talks about him being a basketball star, and being able to go forward, when obviously she’s been very traumatized by this whole situation.

“He certainly threatened her or said that he should have done something more to her and so that in addition to what I saw on the tape was very telling to me and it was a violation of the ‘no contact’ order that was put in place to protect her.

“The opportunities that were lost, I would just say that he lost them.”

See Farmer collapse in court:

Just as troubling as Farmer’s actions, are the calls for leniency on his behalf  from people who merely shrug off his “mistake,” and insist that he needs rehabilitation instead of prison time. He could have easily murdered this young woman, and people are more concerned with the fact that he can dribble a basketball.

It’s a song and dance we’ve seen before. “Maybe she did something to deserve it…,” is what we’ll probably be hearing next as people try to justify the violent actions of a self-entitled young man who should have known better.

Well, he may not know better yet, but three years should give him ample time to realize that just because you’re a  basketball player doesn’t mean you can go around beating young women with the arrogance and viciousness of a man who fears no consequences.

Now, fall out over that one, Mr. Farmer.

According to the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office, Farmer can file for release once he becomes eligible after 180 days.

Find something useful to do with that time like get a degree or learn a craft, Mr. Farmer. You’ve earned every minute of it.


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