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The grand dame of comedy Joan Rivers (pictured right) did not take too kindly to the sympathetic comments that were made on Oprah Winfrey‘s “Next Chapter” show by pop princess Rihanna (pictured) regarding her ex Chris Brown.  The young singer, who expressed during the interview that she is still in love with Brown despite the fact that he brutally beat her 3 years ago, compelled Rivers to angrily tweet Rihanna, reports The Sun.

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The public war of words was ignited when Rihanna appeared on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” recently on the OWN network.  The 24-year-old told the talk show maven that she not only still loved Brown but that she was sympathetic to his being held up to a public lashing, after he beat her up in February 2009.

Even though Rihanna conveyed the fact that she felt “angry, hurt, and betrayed” after the incident, the young pop star also stated that she will probably always love Brown and that he is the love of her life, which allegedly set Rivers off.

The veteran comedian blasted Rihanna for her apparent weak stance on what Brown did to her, tweeting:

Rihanna confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she still loves Chris Brown. Idiot! Now it’s MY turn to slap her.

Rihanna, who is not one to hold her tongue, hit Rivers with:


wow u really do get slow when you’re old huh?

Rihanna later deleted this message and instead slammed Rivers with:

“Slap on some diapers.”

Rivers later let the pop singer have it with:

“Honey, @Rihanna, everyone knows: If he hit you once, he’ll hit you again. Read the statistics. PS – Love to have you on Fashion Police!”

Will the Bajan cutie ever grace the stage of hot show “Fashion Police” that Rivers hosts?  Probably, when H-E-L-L freezes over!

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