Times Square is arguably the most desired destination for any tourist visiting the Big Apple.

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But one unlucky tourist is probably wishing he had planned a trip to Brooklyn instead.  For reasons still unknown, a tourist and a man who appears to be homeless went toe-to-toe in a crutch fight smack dab in the middle of Times Square over the weekend.

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The fight was captured on cell phone video and uploaded to YouTube with the title ‘Times Square Crutch Fight.”

The man with the crutches took the first swing at the tourist, landing several direct hits on the top of his head. The tourist then struck back with a weapon of his own: a police barricade. This counter attack, however, did not appear to have the same impact as the homeless man’s shots to the dome.

The homeless man positioned himself to strike again before a few law enforcement officers intervened. But the tourist then ran for one of the man’s crutches and the two engaged in crutch-to-crutch combat.

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The whole episode lasted less than two minutes. It is not known whether any arrests were made or if either of the men was injured during the fight.

Check out the crutch battle for yourself. It is most amusing!

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