Songstress extraordinaire Patti LaBelle has reportedly agreed to pay New York mom Roseanna Monk (pictured below) $100,000 to settle a lawsuit over claims that she hurled a bottle of water at the woman, then went into a tailspin using curse words and abusive language in front of the woman’s young child, Genevieve, reports the New York Post.

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The two women had a heated exchange in a New York City apartment building lobby back in November 2010. Reportedly, LaBelle became infuriated when Monk decided to let her 18-month-old daughter play in the Upper West side apartment building’s lobby.  The New York Post reports that the Grammy Award-winning singer allegedly used the f-bomb and referred to Monk, a former kindergarten teacher, as a c**t.

During the out-of-control confrontation when Monk accused LaBelle of making Genevieve hysterical, the 68-year-old singer had to allegedly be held back by her security team, then forcibly swept into a waiting vehicle.

When LaBelle refused to apologize for her alleged belligerent antics, the mom and her husband decided to go the legal route and sue.

After the suit was filed in the Manhattan federal court last year, LaBelle did not feel that she was to blame for the child’s “personality changes, sleep disorder” and “increased fear of stranger(s)” which were alleged in the suit. LaBelle also denied that she was “liable in any way for any alleged claims of injury” and said the Monks were “more than 50 percent at fault.”

The Monks $100,000 out-of-court settlement will be donated to the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund. Monk told the New York Post, “This is an opportunity for Patti LaBelle to help a lot of children, and I feel good about that,” she said.

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