Former NBA guard Quincy Douby is being sued by his former high school sweetheart Tanya Raymond for allegedly falling behind by $15,000 in child support payments for their 5-year-old daughter Quinn, reports the New York Post.

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The 28-year-old millionaire, who reportedly earned $2 million last year playing in China, lived with Raymond until about seven months ago when they parted ways due to her accusations of him seeing ‘other women.’

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According to Douby’s ex-love, her lifestyle has spiraled downward since the break up and now, “Things are so bad that my daughter is on Medicaid,” Raymond stipulates in the Brooklyn, New York family court lawsuit. “That’s right — her father makes millions of dollars a year playing professional basketball . . . and she has public-funded health care!”

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According to Douby, he tells the New York Daily News that he has not been derelict in his duties as a dad and that he has been paying $1,500 a month towards the support of his daughter, plus tending to her every need.The young hoopster says, “It’s just about money for her at this point.  All these basketball shows on TV — girls are watching it and they want that kind of life,” he points out.

Raymond, a substitute teacher, claims that Douby did get her an apartment and paid the monthly rent on it for a few months–then stopped cold turkey. The 28-year-old mom, who says that she knew Douby before his wealth and fame, was forced to move out of the apartment with Quinn to stay with her parents.

Douby and Raymond met in high school after he spotted her at one of his games.  The baller was picked 19th in the 2006 NBA draft after making a name for himself at Rutgers University. Although Douby’s NBA career was a flash in the pan, he did find some measure of success overseas.

Meanwhile, Douby says that he has no plans to step out of the picture and will continue to always take care of his daughter.  He tells the Daily News that, at this point, “She can have the money. I don’t care,” he said. “I want everyone to know I love my daughter.”

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