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An English woman, who has been described as a “devout” Christian, has been sentenced to five years in jail for throwing boiling hot water over a friend she accused of sleeping with her boyfriend, the Daily Mail reports.

Edith Wiredu of Canterbury, England allegedly confronted Terena Omoetuk, saying that they needed to chat about rumors tying her to her ex-boyfriend

During Edith’s trial at Canterbury Crown Court, Terena repeatedly testified that she denied ever having a relationship with Edith’s ex-lover. Her denials, however, did not dissuade Edith from continuing with her interrogation.

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Ms Umoetuk told the jury: ‘I said: ‘No’. I was shocked and confused. She asked me again and I denied it again.

‘She then started getting angry and said that I had to start telling her the truth because he had told her. But I denied it again.

‘She then left and went into the living room. I followed her and as I walked in, Edith appeared with a bowl of hot liquid and threw it over me. It went over my face and chest.’

She then claimed that as she fell to the floor, Wiredu grabbed her hair and tried to stamp on her head.

Wiredu denied that she inflicted bodily harm on Umoetuk, but she was unanimously convicted by a jury.

Her lawyer, Philip Rowley, told the court that “Clearly Miss Wiredu did not articulate correctly her feelings to the probation officer and she was surprised to read that she viewed herself as a victim, too.

“She wants it said that she does not view herself in that role and accepts the victim suffered deeply unpleasant injuries which will last a long time. She accepts her responsibility.”

All I have to say is this: was it worth it, sista? Really. Was he worth five years of your life?