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The always controversial and never boring R&B crooner Bobby Brown (pictured) will get yet another shot at reality show stardom, reports Indiewire.

The show will reportedly focus on his life and business projects.

Brown, who, along with late ex-wife Whitney Houston, had his then-turbulent life chronicled in the Bravo series “Being Bobby Brown” back in 2005, allowed viewers a glimpse into Houston’s and his antics as a riveting, yet dysfunctional pair.

The audience even got to see their interaction with extended family members.

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Now, Brown and his bride of just two-and-a-half months, Alicia Etheredge (pictured), are set to let viewers peek into their daily lives as husband and wife. Reportedly, the cameras have been rolling since May of this year.

Brown has fought drug and alcohol demons for a number of years. Recently, the New Edition member checked himself into a rehab facility last month in order to try and combat his ongoing battle with the bottle.

After a mere three-week stay, the entertainer decided to put the kibosh on his program  but insists that he is good to go and doing well.

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Watch the debut episode of “Being Bobby Brown”:

Etheredge also made headlines recently when she suffered a reported seizure while Brown was doing a sound check for a New Edition show in Florida.

So far, mum’s the word with regards to how many shows the series will have or when it will air.

Meanwhile, Brown’s daughter with Houston, Bobbi Kristina, will also star in a reality show with her late mom’s family members called “The Houston Family Chronicles” which will premiere later this year on the Lifetime channel.

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