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In a bizarre attack in Queens, New York, an unidentified man followed another person into a convenience store, repeatedly stabbed him in the buttocks, then calmly walked away from the scene, the New York Daily News reports.

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The attacker and the assault was captured on several surveillance cameras inside and outside of the store.

In the video a man, who the New York Police Department describe as 6-foot-2, 220 pounds and between 30-40 years-old, appears to trail another unidentified man in to the small convenience and quietly walks behind him near the cash register. He then pulls out a blade measuring around four or five inches in length and stabs the victim in the buttocks five times.

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The victim, who did not appear to know he was being followed, swung his arms behind himself to fend off the attack. Seconds later, the knife-wielding man briskly walked away from the scene and on to the street.

Police say they do not know what, if anything, provoked the attack. The 48-year-old victim was reportedly in stable condition following the assault.

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