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Hip-hop mogul 50 Cent (pictured right) and boxing great Manny Pacquiao (pictured) are joining forces to create a boxing promotion entrepreneurial venture, reports

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Last July, 50 Cent created boxing promotions company The Money Team (TMT), but recently, news surfaced that the TMT venture fizzled and that the fighters signed to the company (Celetino Caballero, Andre Dirrell, Yuriorkis Gamboa, and Billy Dibb) would be taken over by Mayweather Promotions, owned by boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather.

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Pacquiao’s adviser, Michael Koncz, told that Mayweather has now been taken out of the entrepreneurial equation and that the business deal currently involves only 50 Cent and his client.

Those close to friends 50 Cent and Mayweather now say that their relationship is strained, so 50 Cent has reportedly gone on to launch his partnership with the man who was once destined to fight his former bestie.

The two men, whose company is still unnamed, plan on taking Pay-Per-View to new heights, according to Koncz.  The partners want to showcase two instead of four fights while incorporating mini concerts in-between bouts.  Koncz says that the event will provide viewers with a full entertainment experience.

“I think with 50 Cent, with his entertainment connections and his popularity there, combining that with Manny’s popularity and expertise in boxing — we can bring a new flavor to boxing,” says Koncz.

“We can excite some young boxers and I think we can sign some top quality boxers. I spoke to 50 Cent tonight and confirmed that we’re going to go forward. Manny is coming here this weekend for other business, but we’re all excited about it. With 50’s influence in the music industry, we want to put a different flavor of the shows.”

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