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Former star of hit ’90s sitcom “A Different World” Jasmine Guy (pictured left) claims that her ex-husband is a deadbeat dad who stopped paying her child support two years ago.  Since the debt has accumulated to nearly $40,000, Guy has filed court documents at a Los Angeles Superior Court, reports TMZ.

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When Guy and her former husband, Terrence Mitchell Duckett, divorced in 2008, a judge set the child support payments at $1,469 per month for their 13-year-old daughter, Imani (pictured).

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Watch Guy in an episode of “A Different World” here:

According to the court documents, the 50-year-old actress alleges that Duckett has not given her a dime toward child support since May 2010 and the tab now totals $39,663.  The actress is also seeking to hold her ex in contempt of court so that she can reportedly have his earnings garnished or even incarcerated.

A court hearing was scheduled last month but was postponed because Guy was unable to serve her former spouse.  A new court date will be placed on the books when Guy is able to serve Duckett.

Guy and Duckett married in 1998 and had Imani the following year.  The couple remained together for more than 10 years before going their separate ways.  The pair divorced citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ and Guy was forced to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of the tremendous debt accumulated during the union.  Guy was indebted to the IRS to the tune of $123,503.64, while her husband owed the feds $94,354.71.