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A new discrimination lawsuit filed in the Bronx Supreme Court on Monday alleges that sex between officers and supervisors is “rampant” at the city’s jails on Riker’s Island and no one is doing anything to stop it, according to the New York Post.

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The officer filing the claim against the city’s Department of Corrections (DOC), Tomara Bryan (pictured), accuses her female supervisors of verbally and physically abusing her after discovering that she was having a consensual affair with married ex-warden Emmanuel Bailey.

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Bryan says that her bosses would discipline her harshly while letting the male guards, who were allegedly getting freaky on the job as well, off of the hook.

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She also claims that “DOC female supervisory employees engaged in a pattern and practice of discriminating and/or permitting discrimination against female uniformed members engaged in consensual sexual relationships with male uniformed members based on a perception or belief that women are responsible for the initiation of these sexual relationships,” according to reporting by The Post.

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Bryan’s suit, according to The Post, alleges that her working conditions became miserable after her relationship with Bailey became known in July 2010. She says she was subjected to “verbal and physical abuse. derogatory comments and unjustified disciplinary actions,” in addition to being given “dangerous and/or undesired assignments” and “subjected to a bogus ‘random’ drug test.”

Her relationship with Bailey reportedly soured after she pressed domestic abuse charges him. Bryan claims he punched her in the face, kicked her in the stomach and punched a hole through her wall at her Brooklyn apartment. Baily was arrested on harassment and assault charges. He eventually pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and received a conditional discharge, according to The Post. Baily has since retired.

Byran says the ordeal has left her with emotional stress, pain and suffering. The DOC in a statement had this to say on the matter:

“We took Officer Bryan’s complaints seriously, looked into the issues she raised at length, and made repeated good faith efforts to address her concerns. There is no basis to support her claim that she was the victim of retaliatory action or discrimination by the Department of Correction.”